I Believe in You

I don’t know about you, but to me, the words “I love you” lose their impact with each day that passes. Everyone seems to use them when they need something. When they want to get on your good side. When they’re in need of a favor. Or when they just want to get you into bed.

Kind of sad, but it is true. The word “love” has been commercialized so badly, it’s meaning is as valuable as the amount of dollars and cents it brings to the register. I am trying to erase that word out of my vocabulary, and find a fit-able substitute.

What about “I believe in you”? Sure, it doesn’t have the commercial value that “I love you” has (thank God), but it carries much more weight in my view. How? Let’s see:

  • I can encourage people to show they can defeat adversity and carry out their goals.
  • I re-enforce their character when they are in doubt.
  • I can boost their creative juices with confidence.
  • I can channel some hope to those who need it.
  • I let them know I love them.
  • I can awake their passions, initiative, and leadership skills.
  • It is a show of trust.
  • I can remind them of their potential, which can be fulfilled with action.
  • I can re-energize their fighting spirit.
  • It is a way to let them know you are rallying behind them every step of the way.

As I said before, anyone can say I love you these days. But it takes a raw emotion and real belief for someone to look into your eyes and say “I believe in you, you can do it”. That in itself, is worth all the money in the world.

Believe is a form of love. When you believe, you are loving.


2 comments on “I Believe in You

  1. Wonderful post today Juan.

    I agree. Many words have lost their meaning when they become too cliche or when not spoken from the heart. I’ve become more conscious of this in the past few years. Recognizing that we all have so much to say, yet how much of it is coming from the heart and because we really mean it.

    ‘I believe in you.’ Those are important words for anyone. We all need and want someone to believe in us. And we can do much good by also believing in others. I don’t know about you but I know that I need far more encouragement then a measuring stick! haha

    I love your list of ways we can show others that we believe in them.

    It matters. It really does.

    Thanks for sharing it today, Juan.


    • Thank you Samantha! Emotions carry a heavy weight into what we say. I could tell people I love them every five minutes. If I say it with the same passion and feeling that a wet mop would, it would mean nothing.

      That is why I think when you say “I believe in you” carries much more weight. It takes a lot for you to look at someone’s eyes and say it. If you don’t mean it, it will be impossible for it to come across at all.

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